What exactly is Nomad’s Way?

ross-nomadHey there. I’m Ross, an Irish-born freelancer who lived in Montréal, Canada for 7 years.

While waiting (patiently) to become a permanent resident and settle, my life got rumbled and I was forced to bounce for the border.

Armed with a remote job, I decided become a “digital nomad”.

The Plan: tour the world, with nothing but my wits, technology and desire to explore life as a global citizen.

The Outcome: Nomad’s Way – a website to lay out a path for people to follow, rich with the struggles, successes and lessons of my adventure.

Because why should you have to waste time solving the same problems?


  • If the digital nomad lifestyle appeals to you
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  • If you’d just like to learn from my hard-fought globe hoppin’ lessons…

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