That time I decided to become homeless

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So, here we are at the start of a fresh beginning. A new story about tomorrow’s dawn.

The story of how I decided to essentially make myself homeless for 5 years, as I travel the Planet Earth.

Welcome, friend. I’m glad you’re coming with me.

If you’re reading this message, then chances are you may become one of the select few who jumps on this bandwagon, just as it leaves the station.

If you do, I promise this adventure will be unlike anything you’ve ever been a part of.


Because we won’t be blitzing the world for a couple of weeks (or months) at a time, rushing through each country, snapping surface level photos of how the world appears to be.

No, this will be different.

This is where we’ll explore the globe with intention, looking for personal insight down the untrodden paths, beyond the broken walls, and from deep within the hidden clearings of this World.

This won’t be your typical travel blog, where you’ll be reading top 10 lists of where to eat in different cities, or 7 ways to save money while traveling, or how to find the cheapest airplane flights.

I’ve no intention of writing fluffy articles about how to travel the world on $50/day.

There a ton of those websites out there peddling that information, and they do it well. If that’s what you’re looking for, best of luck out there.

My goal is here is to discover the best way to structure your life, if you’re looking to live a rich life on the road for an extended period.

By “rich” I don’t mean traveling in luxury, earning 6-7 figures. I mean living an existence where you see all domains of your life flourish, as you enjoy the benefits of fulfilling your desire to explore. All while tackling and minimizing the downsides that come from living a nomadic lifestyle.

This is where we’ll look at how you can travel for multiple years, spending 2-6 months in any single location, so you can really see what The World has to offer. Rather than judging your experience by the fleeting first impressions you snatch, zipping by at the break neck speed of typical travel.

This is where we’ll discover how to travel the Planet, while truly getting to know the people and places you visit on a much deeper level than your typical tourist.

We’ll look at the systems, processes and techniques that will allow you to leverage what you already have, so you can enjoy the extended freedom of the road, without the burden of feeling homeless.

The idea here is to also take specific insights from every country I travel through about the subtle differences between cultures that are worth understanding.

Which means that this promises to be valuable to you, even if you’re not intending to pick up the nomadic lifestyle any time soon.

So, if this sounds interesting to you, stick your name and email in the form below to guarantee you never miss an update.

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